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Is Resikinning Dead? Is Reskinning Apps Profitable ?

This may be the most asked question of 2015, and like any complicated question the answer is Yes and No (-: Why Yes? because the way you could make money up to 2014 has changed, back then everything uploaded to the store would make money consistently, and that does not exist anymore, just changing the […]

ASO is Not Enough Anymore! What Next?

The App Store market is in constant change, 2015 is already turning out to be a very different ball game than 2014 and 2013 for sure. One of the biggest changes are that if once outside marketing was nice to have – now it is almost a must in order to succeed. Don’t get me […]

Content Based Codes (CBC) – Does it work? (Part 1)

Do you watch Dexter? or maybe Gray’s Anatomy? why not make an app about the shows you love?   The guys over at MoneyFromApps just released a new program they call The App Scaling Formula. The way they see things content based codes can bring a lot of revenue in the long run and have […]

How to Set Up App ID & Provisioning Profiles in Apple Developer

In this 4 minute video I show how to set up you app ID and Provisioning profiles inside the Apple developer web site. This is what you will get from this video:   How To create an app ID How to create a bundle ID What app services are required How to create a Developer […]

How to Set Up Pricing and Rating in iTunes Connect

In this short 3 minute video I show how you can easily set up pricing and Rating for your game or app. This is really easy so don’t miss, the video includes:   How to add a price tier How to create a free game How to select the effective dates of your price. What […]

How To Set Up In-App Purchases In Itunes Connect

This 7 minute video explains how to set up you in app purchases. This is really easy stuff so don’t miss it, this is what the video covers:   how to create a new in app purchase What is the difference between¬†consumable and non-cosumable in app purchases How to set up consumable and non-cosumable in […]

Sensor Tower – Great Tool For Localizing Your App

If you are not familiar with Sensor Tower, This is one of the top tools out there for ASO. In this post I will explain how you can use it to localize your apps and gain more downloads. Follow these steps and see how easy it is After you login to your account, go to […]

Apple App Analytics – Great Tool For Localizing Your App

If you haven’t heard – Apple App Analytics is out and in Beta mode. I just got access to it today and couldn’t wait to see what it offers. So for those of you that are use to the Google Analytics tools, don’t get your hopes up, but still there is a lot to learn […]

How To Setup Your Game Center Leaderboard

Watch this short 3 minutes video to learn how to set up your leaderboard game center, it is actually pretty easy after you’ve done it once. This video includes the following:   How to create a new leaderboard How to set up you leaderboard ID (most important) How to set up the leaderboard language How […]

How To Buy App Source Codes

If you’re thinking of getting into the reskining business, or your already there, you should now that buying a good source code is vital. Over the past two years i bought more than 10 source codes, the good ones brought in amazing profits, and still do every month, but the others just died away after […]