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ASO is Not Enough Anymore! What Next?

The App Store market is in constant change, 2015 is already turning out to be a very different ball game than 2014 and 2013 for sure. One of the biggest changes are that if once outside marketing was nice to have – now it is almost a must in order to succeed. Don’t get me wrong – we still have games getting good traffic with only ASO efforts, but it is getting harder and harder to make that happen – and that can’t get ignored.

The common belief is that this is happening due to to very saturated markets, strong competition and probably store algorithms becoming more intelligent. But the reason at this point is not that interesting, what is interesting is what can be done for the next steps?

What I mean by outside marketing is in short to get app installs not through the organic Apple/Google ASO, but through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SEO…and the question is where to focus your marketing energy? So please read this must article that was published on Mobile Growth last month and then see my conclusions below


Action Items and conclusions I get from this:

  1. As i wrote above – every app developer needs to go into outside marketing in order to succeed in the App Store in the coming years.
  2. Take a look at this graph from the article:


This very simply explains where to focus you marketing energy if you are looking for the best click-to-install conversion rates. So Facebook should be number 1, if you plan to spend money buying installs – now you know where to go.

3. but it doesn’t mean you should ignore the others, for example Twitter  has the worst click-to-install conversion but can be almost free to gain a very big following, a following that can later be transferred to other social medias – like Facebook 🙂

4. SMS, Whatsapp and email show that direct messaging is still going very well for install conversions.

5. We plan to focus our marketing efforts on Facebook and Twitter and will post the results as far as install rates later on in 2015.

Hope this was informative



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