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Best Mobile Ad Networks For Publishers 2015 – See What Works

Mobile Ad Networks

Selecting the correct ad network to integrate into your game or app can be confusing. There are many companies out there, a lot of promotions and it is hard to know what really works. One thing is for sure – the right decision will probably result in a big jump to your revenue stream. I personally switched a year ago from Revmob to AppLovin for all my games – this resulted in an increase of at least 300% in my revenue.

Here are the details, I have been using all the ad networks below for over a year now, so this is all based on my personal experience. I’ve listed just my top 3 although I used more than 7 or 8 networks over the last years.



Without a dought my number 1 ad network, see the details:


  • Amazing ECPMS through out the last 2 years, especially in the Casino category but also in the Dice & Board categories (my casino apps do about 30$ ecpm, the dice & board about 12$ ecpm).
  • Payment times are the best in the industry to my opinion, they obligate to 15 days from end of month and a minimum of 50$ and usually pay earlier.
  • Integration is the easiest that i know (so easy that i actually integrated some of my games on my own – and i have no dev experience in mobile). Part of the reason is that game IDs are automatically identified and added to the AppLovin dashboard, so if your reskining – you only have to integrate this once.
  • Do you really need more reasons (-:


  • There is no way to control your ad targeting, this is done AppLovin, you cannot focus certain games to specific categories (like show me mostly Dice game ads..). But again, since the ecpms are so high, i guess they are doing a pretty good job.
  • No frame customisations, this means you can’t add your own frames and give your users a feeling the add is part of the game and by this increase your CTRs.



This is my second most profitable ad network, a must for every mobile publisher.


  • High ecpms consistently over the last years (an average ecpm of about 10$ during the last year).
  • Customisable frames.
  • App category targeting.
  • An option to configure minimum CPIs and create tiered campaigns (so the ads with the higher revenue per install show first if available).
  • In general – a lot of flexability to customise your campaign just the way you want it.
  • More Games functionality – enables to offer your users a list of games to install. This is very cool and will bring in high ecpms if done right.
  • Payment is after 45 days (usually done after 30 days) with a minimum of 75$.


  • So many options that you actually need to learn how to configure your app in chartboost. I plan to take out a video very soon that explains the basic Chartboost configuration. You can also check out their academy to learn more.
  • Very unpredictable, you could have days with very low revenue and days that just explode. At the end all this evens up, so don’t panic if your revenue falls for a few days.



Playhaven is good third ad network to make sure your fill rates are high. So if your game has prioritised adds, you could potentially put AppLovin as the top ad network, then it would fail to Chartboost and then to PlayHaven. Also Excellent for More Games functionality.


  • Great ecpms (about 14$ during the last year)
  • Excellent game targeting – you can actually select the specific games you want to show for each campaign.
  • More Games feature, much like Chartboost.


  • Payment is after 60 days from month end (usually takes 45 days), but with a minimum of 300$, which is bad for publishers that are just starting off as you will probably not get paid every month.
  • Relatively hard and not intuitive to set up. I will add a video for this as well.
  • Dashboard is not informative enough (I had to manually calculate my yearly ecpm)


Since this domain is extremely dynamic, please add comments below as to your experience with the different ad networks.


To better ECPMs !


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