How to Set Up App ID & Provisioning Profiles in Apple Developer

In this 4 minute video I show how to set up you app ID and Provisioning profiles inside the Apple developer web site. This is what you will get from this video:   How To create an app ID How to create a bundle ID What app services are required How to create a Developer […]

How to Set Up Pricing and Rating in iTunes Connect

In this short 3 minute video I show how you can easily set up pricing and Rating for your game or app. This is really easy so don’t miss, the video includes:   How to add a price tier How to create a free game How to select the effective dates of your price. What […]

How To Set Up In-App Purchases In Itunes Connect

This 7 minute video explains how to set up you in app purchases. This is really easy stuff so don’t miss it, this is what the video covers:   how to create a new in app purchase What is the difference between¬†consumable and non-cosumable in app purchases How to set up consumable and non-cosumable in […]

How To Setup Your Game Center Leaderboard

Watch this short 3 minutes video to learn how to set up your leaderboard game center, it is actually pretty easy after you’ve done it once. This video includes the following:   How to create a new leaderboard How to set up you leaderboard ID (most important) How to set up the leaderboard language How […]