Is Resikinning Dead? Is Reskinning Apps Profitable ?

This may be the most asked question of 2015, and like any complicated question the answer is Yes and No (-: Why Yes? because the way you could make money up to 2014 has changed, back then everything uploaded to the store would make money consistently, and that does not exist anymore, just changing the […]

Content Based Codes (CBC) – Does it work? (Part 1)

Do you watch Dexter? or maybe Gray’s Anatomy? why not make an app about the shows you love?   The guys over at MoneyFromApps just released a new program they call The App Scaling Formula. The way they see things content based codes can bring a lot of revenue in the long run and have […]

How To Make An App Icon

Creating an app icon for IOS and Android might seem like a complex and expensive process, but can actually be achieved very easy with as little as $5 to spend. There are 2 major ways to do this if you are not a designer: Outsource the Job to a Designer finding a rock star designer […]