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Content Based Codes (CBC) – Does it work? (Part 1)

Do you watch Dexter? or maybe Gray’s Anatomy? why not make an app about the shows you love?


The guys over at MoneyFromApps just released a new program they call The App Scaling Formula. The way they see things content based codes can bring a lot of revenue in the long run and have a big growth potential. Having published over 30 apps myself, I don’t have many CBC apps, and I thought giving this a shot.

So you can check out what they are offering, it is worth your while for sure, these guys are the real thing, but in the meanwhile let me quickly summarise what they are saying:

  • Content based apps have a big potential
  • These apps are easy to reskin as the amount of resources is low
  • These apps can be reskinned for any topic and therefore have HUGE ASO potential for niche markets.
  • Linking the apps using the More Apps functionality can bring additional value in long term.


So in this post series I will cover my results with this concept, I will do at least 3 parts:

  1. Pre launch – Everything there is to know on the reskining process
  2. Post Launch – My results after the app has been approved (1-2 weeks)
  3. One Month Later – See how the app is doing after 1 month and maybe talk about additional apps.


Part 1: Pre Launch

This is what i have been doing in the last days:

  • I’ve bought the Personality Quiz source code they are offering
  • I’ve done an ASO research to find suitable niche topics (there are many!) – and so i’ve selected the topic of my app.
  • I’m busy reskining this code using the course provided by Justin and Lee at MoneyFromApps.
  • I’ve done the icon and splash screen myself
  • I’ve setup the app and the IAPs
  • I’ve integrated the ad networks
  • I’m busy writing the quizzes
  • Still haven’t done the final images of every quiz.


These are my findings so far for the reskining process:

  1. The source code is easy to work with, everything is very clear, the course provided is excellent, so this source code is great to start with. It also meets with all the criteria I covered in my How to Buy a Source Code post.
  2. I’ve changed the fonts in the app, and also my questions and answers are longer so i had to play with the scoreboard a bit (this took longer that i thought – about 3 hours).
  3. It is very easy to change the questions and to rate the answers with the Excel file.
  4. I never worked with StartApp before, but so far the experience is good: they are very easy to setup, they pay after 30 days and their reporting is excellent. I still don’t have any ECPM data, but so far they look very good. You can see in this post that i wrote Best Mobile Ad Networks For Publishers 2015 that StartApp is definitely a good choice so far, I will update the post the minute I have more data. More over if you use this link you can enjoy bonuses after a certain amount of impressions, this is all part of their affiliate program.
  5. I have a feeling that creating the final images for every quiz will take some time, as there are 10 quizzes and 8 images per quiz – so thats about 80 images and texts for each one. I will be updating once i’m done, but this is for sure not a good enough reason to avoid the code.
  6. I’ve been having some issues with Playhaven, it has nothing to do with the code, but with the fact that for some reason they took me off their Upsight services when the company split. I’ve been writing to them for a few days now trying to sort this out – no luck so far.
  7. The support Justin and Lee are providing is nothing less than AWSOME, they’ve helped me with all the issues i have and in a very prompted manner.


This is what i have so far, for sure things are looking good, I will update this post as i continue to progress with the reskining.


Cheers for now!


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