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How To Buy App Source Codes

If you’re thinking of getting into the reskining business, or your already there, you should now that buying a good source code is vital. Over the past two years i bought more than 10 source codes, the good ones brought in amazing profits, and still do every month, but the others just died away after the first month or so.

So what are the criteria to buying a good long lasting source code? I’ve listed below the parameters i use to make that desition.



It is important that the game/app belongs to a category that brings in good profit. From my experience there are usually 2 cases where this happens:

  1. A category with low competition, meaning it is not too big so a small app can rank in the top 100 with no marketing. It could also be a category that is filled with games that do not relate to that category. This was the case with the Dice category about half a year ago (maybe it still is), so when I released some Yatzee games a few month back – they did very well.
  2. A category that has advertisers with big bucks to spend, so even if the install volume of your game is low, for each CPI delivered you will be rewarded very well.  The Casino category is like that (very competitive but with high CPIs) and also the Puzzles.



Retention, Retention, Retention.

The gameplay of your source code needs to be addictive, it should always leave you with the feeling that you want to keep on playing. This way you make sure your users will delete the app after half an hour because it was boring.



Always play the game you are about about to buy, you should be the first one that enjoys playing that game. If you don’t believe it is fun – don’t buy it, you need to know as a fact that the product you are delivering will serve it’s purpose.



The age of a source code is very important, it is not recommended to buy a source code that is up for sale for over 2 years. The reason is that it is very possible that it is out there in hundreds already, or that the concept of the game / app is out of date. It could also be that the supported platforms are not updated, the ad networks SDKs are not update and the list goes on.


Market Saturation

This is the continuation of the point above, if the app you are buying is already in the store all over the place, you will have nothing new to offer your users. Don’t hesitate to take out an app that already exists, even if there tens of the same app, you could still make some good revenue, but if every one is doing that app – try something else.


Move Fast

If you found a new source code for sale you think will work, try to get it out there as fast as you can, i would dare and say within 1 month top (although i’ve done small apps within days). This will give you a tremendous advantage.

If you bought a trending source code, like a Flappy Bird source code, so you can’t miss that train, and you need to take it in the air within a day or 2 (not including Apple review times).


Seller Credibility and Support

This is important, do not buy a source code from anyone. Realise that you will have issues and bugs and you need to have support available. You should buy from a company that you follow and see the way they treat the developers that buy their source codes. Also not every developer knows how to integrate the adds in a manner that will bring conversions and not annoy the user too much. There are many sites that sell source codes, i personally usually avoid them, and try to buy from dev teams I follow and trust.


Integrated Ad Networks

When looking at a game or app, you should see what ad networks where integrated, they don’t all have the same ECPMs, and don’t all work the same for every category. They also have different payment plans, so you should check this out before hand. You can see this post I wrote about Best Mobile Ad Networks For Publishers 2015  it will provide some insight into this issue.

Also as I mentioned before, you should pay attention to the way ads are integrated, this is an art of its own, when done right it will bring in big profit. The main idea is that ads should be integrated so they seem as part of the game and show up at the right time. For example showing an instantiate ad when the user just lost the game is considered best practice. There are no rules here, just see that it makes sense when you play the game.


Supported Platforms

Your agenda should be that the source code you are buying will support as many platforms and OS as possible, this way you will maximise your download potential. So make sure:

  1. Your app is a Universal one (iPhone and iPad support)
  2. Make sure it is 64bit supported for IOS
  3. Make sure it supports iPhone 6 and 6+
  4. Try to have it support as many OS as possible, so not only IOS but also Android, Amazon, Window, Blackberry…There are basically two options here: cocus2dx or unity, these 2 development enviouroments support a lot of OS systems.


2D or 3D

There is no one definite answer here, no dough that 3D brings in a lot more value and is very hot now in the store, but take into account it will require much more graphical efforts (more expensive to resin), also requires knowledge of Unity (or hiring a developer to do it),  as 3D games are not done in Xcode. So the bottom line is – if you can go for 3D, but 2D games are also rocking it.


Where To Buy Source Codes

So i’ve gathered a list of places i’m familiar with and added my comments:

  1. Blueclouds Solutions – I’ve bought many of my codes there, without a drought high quality games and apps and great support. Ads are integrated perfectly and with the right ad networks. But, since they are very popular, and there codes are all over the store, try to buy mostly new codes or ones that are offered during a promotion for a limited time only.
  2. Avalanche Mountain – Also very popular source code provider, their biggest hit what the Avalanche Mountain games, Also try and buy only their newer codes. Very reliable.
  3. Bright Newt – Very reliable and good codes, I personally used just one that didn’t do very well, but I know many others have done fantastic.
  4. AppTopia – Here you can buy either a reskining license or the actual code itself. As a beginner i don’t recommend starting there, but you might find some real amazing games to buy as you go along
  5. ChupaMobile – A great place to find games for reskining, pay careful attention though who you are buying from.
  6. Code Canyon – Very low priced games and apps, you should have some programming experience to buy here as some of the code require some work.


Please leave your comments below if you have any other input on the subject.




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    Hello Ami, thanks for sharing this article. I agree for your thoughts. I also agree with the buy source codes site you have listed. Thanks again and more power!

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