How To Make An App – Basic ASO Tools

The purpose of this post is to list all the fundamental tools required for your ASO work. It is important to mention that these are the tools I use and know that work, there are many more out there and it is important to stay up to date as ASO is a very dynamic field.

Competition & Search Volume

  • SensorTower – The most robust tool out there, provides comprehensive competition and search volume data. It does require some knowladge to use this tool and benefit from it. Basic subscription is 79$/month – worth every penny.
  • AppCodes – A great tool to start with, provides good insight into search volume, very recommended for beginners a their subscription is just 14.95$/month.
  • Search Suggest – this is when you start typing a word in a search box and different suggestions start to come up. It is important to use this in your AppStore app only (through your iPhone or iPad) and not on your desktop iTunes. As a rule – the higher and the earlier a word shows up – the more traffic it has.

Keywords Ideas

  •  Search Suggest – Again a good way to find new ideas, just write the first letter/s and see what comes up (free)
  • Google Play – use the search suggest of google play to find out new ideas for words (free)
  • Google Keyword Planner – The good old Google keyword tool, can always be used to find new words (free)
  • Straply – Cool little tool to find long tail keywords (free)
  • Thesaurus – great for associations, this requires time and a lot of digging, but can be very rewarding (Free)
  • Top App Charts – Very Important tool to find keywords according to competition (Free)


  • SensorTower Blog & Academy – I think one of the best places to get started and to stay updated, no BS, just pure ASO stuff (Free)
  • Udemy – Many courses regarding ASO, i haven’t taken any of them so i can’t recommend any specific course, but definitely worth checking out (wait for their promotions, there is no reason to pay full price, almost all courses can be bought at about 10-20$)
  • Make App Magazine – Important resource, it is a monthly publication that is published exclusively in the Apple Newsstand for iPad only (Free)


Please leave your comments below with additional tools and I’ll check them and add them to this list.



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