Is Resikinning Dead? Is Reskinning Apps Profitable ?

This may be the most asked question of 2015, and like any complicated question the answer is Yes and No (-:

Why Yes?

because the way you could make money up to 2014 has changed, back then everything uploaded to the store would make money consistently, and that does not exist anymore, just changing the graphics and the icon is not enough anymore. So in that sense the old module of making money in the App Store is dead.


Why No?

Because it is still possible to create an income from reskinning, but it needs to be done the right way, and by that i mean by a lot of hard work. This is the module I believe in and have seen to work:

  1. When buying a game to reskin it needs to be looked as a template and not as a complete game. This means that it is not just the graphics that needs to be replaced, it is also improving the game functionality, making it more fun, thinking of better ways to monetise so users are not annoyed with ads too much. This will ensure users will like your game and not see it as just another reskin.
  2. Graphics needs to be high quality, users expect a different experience and the graphics is a main part in that sense. Also it should be totally different from the original and in most cases in higher quality.
  3. Don’t buy small simple games with 100 assets, because in most cases no mater what you do it will still resemble the original game. The best way to go is with bigger more complicated games that have animations and a lot going on, this way there is a lot of room for your creativity. Want to know How to buy App Source Codes?



In the image above you can see characters from a new game I’m working on, this is a big game with tens of animations and 1000’s of assets, I have reinvented the game concept, and although the core didn’t change, it will not resemble the original and will be in much higher quality.

Add to that the fact that I have taken a top notch artist to do the graphics and am planing to add much more value to the game it self (more levels, more boosts…)


I hope this was helpful and got you thinking, I will update as I go along with this awesome new game.



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