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Sensor Tower – Great Tool For Localizing Your App

If you are not familiar with Sensor Tower, This is one of the top tools out there for ASO. In this post I will explain how you can use it to localize your apps and gain more downloads.

Follow these steps and see how easy it is

  1. After you login to your account, go to Products -> App Store OptimizationHow to Localize An App
  2. Next click on Keyword ResearchScreen Shot 2015-05-06 at 5.12.24 PM
  3. This is where you usually do your keyword research for English, This tool allows you to find out how much competition there is for a certain phrase, how fierce is the completion, and estimate how much traffic the phrase you are looking at has.
  4. Notice that on the top right you can set the desired flag, if you change that you will see the same information only for different languages and countries.How to Localize An App
  5. This will allow you to check the completion and traffic for different phrases in any county or language.


Most Commun Mistake

I know a lot of developers that have made this mistake – so please avoid it.  When selecting the phrases you want to localize, don’t just translate what you have in English, it will most likely be either irrelevant or very competitive as everyone is using it.

Take the english phrase, use Google Translate to translate into your designated language and the use Google Keyword Planner to find out what related phrases are getting traffic in the designated language. I know it sounds complicated, but actually it doesn’t take long and will for sure bring in better results.


Lets Look at An Example

  1. Take the phrase “amazing puzzle game
  2. If you look in the US you will see this phrase is very competitive, there are over 1000 games and the Sensor Tower difficulty score is 4.4 (that is high). This means that in US store you have a very low chance to rank in the top 10 where people can find you.
  3. How to Localize An App
  4. Now change the flag to France
  5. Translate this phrase to French “jeu de puzzle étonnant” and see what you get.
  6. In French this phrase has only 5 competitors and a difficulty score of 0.2, it looks like the games there are getting fair traffic as the first 3 are ranked. In this case you will for sure rank in the top 10 (-:How to Localize An App
  7. I found this example in a few moments just to demonstrate how you can use Sensor Tower to localize your app and gain more downloads. You can actually use it if you like and see if it brings good traffic.


Localisation is a big opportunity most developers are not taking, even in the most competitive categories you can find countries where there is little competition, you can see my blog post on Apple App Analytics and understand how it can improve your downloads.

If you are just starting off with ASO, check out this post for some Basic ASO Tools.


Please comment and let me know if you have any success with localizing or have other ways of doing this.




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